Welcome to the Rotary Youth International Orchestra

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You are all invited to join
the Rotary Youth International Orchestra! 

At the end of the training period all musicians and participants will receive a certificate of merit as a reward and the certificate of the Rotary Youth International Orchestra signed by Maestro Giuseppe Savazzi as an artistic statement recognition.

Maestro Giuseppe Savazzi through the “Rotary Youth International Orchestra” project carries out an international mission of musical and cultural alphabetization. The purpose is to give young musicians, in their native countries, the education needed to fully develop artistically and musically in a self-sufficient way.

Several initiatives have already been carried out in India, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Italy and other nations all around the world. In each country young students from local schools and orchestras are selected to take part in training master classes with Maestro Giuseppe Savazzi. The master class closing concert, apart from sealing the union of all the participants, can be used to raise funds for locally relevant social initiatives.

The Orchestra with a common goal
The purpose of the Rotary Youth International Orchestra is to join people, cultures and religions together to create a brotherhood of harmony.

“Reach Within to Embrace Humanity” 

Music as a spiritual path

“Peace is not something that can only be achieved through agreements, by governments, or through heroic struggles. It is something that we can find and that we can achieve, every day and in many simple ways. In Rotary, our business is not profit. Our business is peace. Our reward is not financial, but the happiness and  satisfaction of seeing a better, more peaceful world, one that we have achieved  through our own efforts.” – RI Pres-Elect Sakuji Tanaka

This message contain an ultimate truth: strength, balance, peace and happiness depend on love. The presence of love must be constant, at hand, within ourselves. In such a state there is no reason to believe oneself as weak, poor and lonely.  True love can only be discovered in the spiritual dimension.

Music in the instrument chosen by Maestro Giuseppe Savazzi to discover himself, the Orchestra is the instrument he chose to pass on his knowledge to the world.